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Live Painting for weddings


special events



I love Live Painting, I love weddings, and I love love. Let's create a beautiful mixed media painting (acrylic and ink) that captures your special moment.


Our Process

  • Browse the artist portfolio to see examples of current artwork. The wedding gallery will be added soon.

  • Click on “get started” below to receive a customized proposal from Shanita. Please remember to include the following information to ensure Shanita’s availability for your special event: your event location, date, and time.

  • In our initial consultation, we will discuss the various wedding and reception moments that can be captured and painted. You can also view our various size and format options.

  • The price for a single live painting event varies based on the size of the artwork, location (and any travel/lodging expenses involved), day, and time of year.

  • All price points include a detailed consultation (approximately 2 months prior to the event) to ensure that your new artwork reflects your vision and high-quality art materials.

  • Please feel free to request any specific details of your venue, decor, or event you would like to emphasize and or capture. Shanita will take reference photos for later use with touch-ups. All images will be shared with the client upon request.

  • On the day of your event, Shanita will arrive 3-5 hours early to start painting the background, adding keys elements and details during the event. 

  • A large portion of your artwork background and key features will be capture during your event. To ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product, all work will receive additional touch-up work after the events. will be ready around 4-6 weeks after the event

  • Shanita’s goal in your final painting is to capture the moment with the use of lighting, your unique color palettes, key details of space, and intimate and beautiful portraits.


Selecting A Format

  • A Horizontal painting provides a wide shot of the room and or landscape. 

  • A Vertical painting captures the full height of a tall ceiling and can help emphasize dramatic architectural details and landscapes.

Proportions and Sizes

  • A 24”x 30”, 22”x28”, and 30”x40” are more square and emphasize the ceiling and center of the dance floor more – good for capturing venues with higher ceilings.

  • The 24”x36”,  20”x30”, and 24”x48”  are more panoramic and allow for a wider angle of the room so you can see more tables and windows. 


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