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Digital Portrait



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I love love and love Portraits!

I am now accepting commissions for digital portraits and

would love to create something beautiful for you! 

I am happy to create a special piece of artwork for you.

All Love is Love and should be celebrated.

Our Process

  • Browse the artist portfolio to see examples of current artwork. The portrait gallery will be added soon.

  • Click on “get started” below to receive a customized proposal from Shanita. Please remember to include the following information: your email address, photo for inspiration, size of the print you would like, and print format (digital or print and framed version).

  • The price for a digital portrait varies depending on the number of people. 

  • Digital Portrait Cost: $222 for an individual, $444 for couples, $555 for 3 people, etc..

  • ***I am happy to offer sliding scale price options upon request. Please email me directly at to discuss payment options.***

  • All digital prints will be emailed to you in a high-resolution, print-ready format. Digital prints will be provided at any size you specify and formatted for you to print at a local print shop or at home.

  • Please feel free to request a printed and framed version for an additional fee (based on size and shipping cost). Print size options include: 11"x14", 12"x18", 16"x20", 20"x30" or 24"x36".

  • Portraits can be either portrayed with a literal depiction of subject and background or we can create a reimagined portrait (adding fairy wings or a fantasy background for example).

  • You will receive an initial sketch of your artwork for review 3-7 days after receipt of your photo.

  • To ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product, all work will receive a high-level of realistic detail work and shading. Your final digital portrait will be ready 7-11 days after approval of your initial sketch.

  • Shanita’s goal in your final digital painting is to capture the moment with the use of lighting, your unique color palettes, key details of space, and intimate and beautiful portraits.


Selecting A Format

  • A Horizontal painting provides a wide shot of the room and or landscape. 

  • A Vertical painting captures the full height of a tall ceiling and can help emphasize dramatic architectural details and landscapes.


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