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meditative artS SESSIONS

Meditative Arts is a process of learning to apply creativity from a meditative flow state.


When we do the (sometimes hard) work of releasing our expectations of what will come when we create,

we find unexpected results.

Meditative Arts is an invitation to celebrate our innate gift of creativity. Together, we will create a space for artistic expression that is free from judgment or attachment to the outcome. 


We will begin our creative journey with some gentle yoga/movement to help ground our energy. From there, we will dive deep into a guided meditation to set any personal intentions for our time together and help prepare ourselves for creative expression. Each session will be guided by a unique healing meditation, intention, and focus. 


Our meditation will be followed by creative time for art-making while listening to specially curated music. Our music playlists are mostly instrumental and meant to relax, inspire and help maintain the essence and energy of our meditative state. 


With this practice, we express ourselves creatively in a variety of ways which can include painting, drawing, coloring, and/or creating artwork using found objects from nature. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand our artistic tool belt, engage with new mediums and move from a space guided by intuition and curiosity. We will be encouraged to engage with art materials, objects, and/or colors that feel most resonant to us in our meditative flow state at the moment.


In the act of creating, we intentionally turn our attention inward to the mind-body connection, the internal journey, and the organic flow of the process, letting the tactile experience of creation be at the center while building a practice of releasing attachment to a specific outcome. 


We will close our sessions with a relaxing guided meditation and a closing circle to reflect and connect with ourselves and each other.


I began this healing practice 11 years ago while living and working at the Omega Institute for holistic studies. During this time, I was unplugged from technology and seeking practices to help me navigate a difficult time and work through trauma and heal. Since then, this practice has evolved and has been shared in various healing spaces. Every opportunity that I have to share this practice is a gift. Meditative Arts help facilitate the collective to shine a light within ourselves and in the world.

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Now offering both In-Person and Online Group & Private Sessions

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